Bayfield Wisconsin & Family Viists In Minnesota

We stopped at a lake and wetland south of Duluth on our way to Bayfiled. The poplars were turning yellow. Not too many other colors from the hardwoods..

The colors in Bayfield were a little better. This is the bed and breakfast where we are staying. We have a private room with a kitchenet and bathroom. Very spacious. The room is decorated in bear decor. So far in Bayfield, we have experienced a lot of rain and overcast. With cloud cover and no sun, it is a bit difficult to caputure the color. It should be better on Saturday and Sunday.

This is another bed and breakfast in Bayfield proper.

Scandinavian store on the main drag.

We took a little drive outside Bayfield too look for fall color; a hike down to a secluded beach on Lake Superior to look for some drift wood.

The Pipes & Drums of Thunder Bay


Bayfield form Lake Superior

Apostle Islands National Park Headquarters

 Andrew and Emily's crew. Harriet and the twins Gus & Louis.

Brady and Ann's crew... Henrick, Esme, Scarlet & Audrey. An then Granpa Dennis is showing off his talents.