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Izzy Rider

When I ask Izzy if she wants to go for a ride, she can't wait to get on the bike. In the cooler weather, we ride together a couple times a week. In the summer heat, we don't ride as often. Even though it is not obvious, she is tethered with harnessed and nylon strap.

062412 Short Ride

A group bike riders left Las Vegas June 17, 2012. We traveled to Mammoth Lakes, CA, Monterrey, CA, Incline Village, NV, Ely, NV, Boulder, UT and back to Las Vegas. Here are three videos from the trip.

061812 Tioga Pass California
061812 Yosemite National Park
061912 Golden Gate Bridge

2012 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day Ride

The first part of this video was recorded with a Gopro Hero as we crossed the Hoover Dam and into Boulder City. The later part of the video is the arrival at the Veterans Cemetery in Boulder City and was recorded by my daughter with her Samsung cell phone.

052712 Memorial Day Parade Hoover Dam to the Veterans Cemetery in Boulder City

Red Rock Canyon

The following is a four minute video covering a few miles of the Red Rock Canyon scenic drive.

060312 Red Rock Canyon