Topping-Nero Photo Collection

Mother, Frances Topping (Erickson) and I scanned a collection of photos that she had gathered from her mother, Hattie Nero (Topping). Mother's help was invaluable. She was so helpful in being able to identify, people, places, events, etc. The notes gathered from mother will be added as time permits. When describing some of the photos, I will refer to Frances Topping as "Mother". It  is important to Mother that these photos are shared with family and friends.

Please overlook any spelling or grammar until I have more time to proof. I will be adding the nearly 200 photos as time permits.

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Photo 159

Marie Becker and August Nero. Hattie Nero (Topping's) parents.

Photo 133

Marie Becker, Hattie Nero (Topping's) mother.

Photo 134

August Nero, Hattie Nero (Topping's) father.

Photo 166

The August Nero rural family home near Cedarburg, WI.

Photo 002

Marie Becker, August Nero and three of their children Hattie, Anita, Irvin. Mother feels that this photo was taken before Melvin was born.

Photo 146

August Nero, Marie Becker, ....? **** Discuss with Mother****

Photo 137

**** Discuss with Mother****

Photo 136

August Nero and ? **** Discuss with Mother****

Photo 138

**** Discuss with Mother****

Photo 140

Irvin and Hattie Nero

Photo 168

Mother believes this is either Hattie Nero's baby brother that died or Hattie's brother Irvin Nero.

Photo 169

Hattie Nero

Photo 003

Hattie Nero **** Discuss with Mother****

Photo 141

Hattie Topping is standing in the middle row on the right. Mother thinks this is may be a church photo. **** Discuss with Mother****

Photo 004

Hattie Nero

Photo 005

Hattie Nero. This photo was taken at the Nero rural family home near Cedarburg, WI.

Photo 148

Melvin Nero, Hattie Nero's brother He is Frances Nero's God Father.

Photo 149

Melvin Nero, Hattie Nero's brother He is Frances Nero's God Father.

Photo 150

Melvin Nero, Hattie Nero's brother and Frances Topping's God Father.

Photo 151

Melvin Nero and Eldora Nickolai on their wedding day. Melvin is mother's God Father.

Mother remembers Melvin giving her a green checkered dress for her birthday when she was little. Most likely before he was married.

Photo 152

Hattie Nero

Mother believes that Hattie is younger in this photo than in Photo 153. She does not know the other person in the photo.

Photo 153

Hattie Nero, Mother thinks Hattie is younger in this photo than she is in Photo 154.

Photo 147


Photo 123


Photo 163

Hattie Hero, mother thinks this may have been before Hattie was married. She is not sure.


Photo 103

This is the William Topping home where Floyd, Lloyd and Evelyn were born. We don't know if this was the home of William's parents Silas Topping and Hannah Scudder. There is now a different home in it's place. We do not know what happened to this home.

Photo 165

Hannah Maria Scudder. Hannah is William Topping's mother and Floyd Topping's grandmother. The Waushara County Museum provided a copy of the obituary for Hannah.

Hannah was married to Silas Topping who died in 1888. They had three sons, Fred, William and Thomas who died in infancy. They had two daughters, Esther and Frances Topping.

Photo 162

Hannah Scudder with her grandchildren LR: Lloyd, Floyd and Evelyn Topping.

Photo 167

Frances Agnes Oliphant and William E. Topping with their children LR: Floyd, Lloyd and Evelyn. William was killed in an accident on December 10, 1912 while oiling this steam engine that he and his brother used to run their corn shredder. The Waushara County Museum provided a copy of the newspaper article as well as the obituary for William E. Topping.

Photo 107

Another photo of the steam engine.

Photo 164

Floyd Topping

Photo 104

Frankie Oliphant and Floyd or Lloyd Topping.

Photo 105

Floyd Topping

Photo 160

Floyd Topping

Photo 161

Vernon Topping above and Floyd Topping below. Vernon's mother died in childbirth. Talk to mother more about this.

Vernon Lived with Aunt Clara for a time.

Photo 109

This is a picture of Frankie Oliphant with her brothers and sisters. Mother believes they are standing in order by age, The oldest on the left.

Frankie is the third from the right. Uncle Morti Oliphant is on the far right. Mother doesn't remember the names of the other brothers and sisters.

Photo 106

Frankie Oliphant, wife of William Topping and mother to Floyd, Lloyd and Evelyn Topping.

Photo 108

Herbert King and Frankie Oliphant. Frankie married Herbert after her first husband William Topping was killed in the steam engine accident.

Photo 111

Seated in the chair is Frankie Oliphant. We are not sure yet who is on her lap. Standing LR: ?, Maybe Alice King, Lloyd Topping, Ruth Topping, Larry Topping and Marie Topping.

Photo 113

Morty Oliphant, Grandma Oliphant (King's) brother.

Photo 114

Frances Topping and Uncle Morty Oliphant Uncle Morty is Grandma Frankie Oliphant (King's) brother. Mother believes this photo was taken after she and Dad were married.



Photo 157

Floyd Topping and Hattie Nero wedding.

Photo 006

Floyd Topping and Hattie Nero wedding.

Photo 154

Floyd Topping and Hattie Nero. Mother believes they are married in this photo.

Photo 007

Photo 008


Photo 009

August Nero, ?, ?

Photo 010

August Nero

Photo 011

August Nero

Photo 012

August Nero

Photo 014

Hattie, Marie, Dorothy and Frances

Photo 015

This photo was taken on the Topping farm where mother grew up. The building in the background is the chicken house. On top was the grainery where the pickle pickers lived.

The three girls are LR: Dorothy, Marie  and Frances. Mother's dad Floyd is in the background on the horse.

Photo taken in about 1938

Photo 016

Floyd Topping & Hattie Nero

Marie, Dorothy, Frances and Bill.

In the background is the barn on the family farm. To the right is a fenced in area where the cattle stayed until they were brought to the barn for milking.

Photo taken in about 1937

Photo 017

Floyd Topping and  Hattie Nero.

 LR: Frances, Bill, Hattie is holding Marsha, Dorothy. Marie is most likely taking the picture.

The photo is taken at the family farm between Wautoma and Wild Rose. Their home is in the background.

This photo was taken in 1941, the year that Marsha was born.

Photo 018

LR: Bill, Marie, Floyd, Frances and Dorothy. This photo is taken at their farm between Wautoma and Wild Rose.

This photo was taken in about 1937.

Photo 019

Back Row LR: Floyd, Morti Oliphant, Not sure if this is uncle, Do not recognize the last person

Frances, Dorothy, Marie, although the little guy is hard to see, mother thinks this is Bill.

Mother is not sure if this is on the family farm or not.

Photo 020

Floyd is standing in the back holding Marcia. The kids: Frances, Dorothy, Cousin James ***(? Last Name)*** and Bill. August "Grandpa" Nero is on the right.

Mother is not sure where this photo was taken.

Photo 021

Charles Streit, James Streit, Marie Topping, Dorothy Topping, Jimmy King and Frances Topping.

In front LR: William "Bill" Topping, Marcia Topping and Gilbert Streit

Mother is not sure where this photo was taken.

Photo 132


Photo 022

***Mother and I need to go over this picture again.*** Buddy Keller, ? Keller, Marie Topping, June Keller, ? Keller, Gilbert ?, Floyd Topping holding Marcia Topping, August Nero, Frances Topping, Boyd King in a service uniform, ? Little Guy in front of Frances, Dorothy Topping, Jimmy King, Richard ?, James Streit, Charles Streit.

Taken on this side of the railroad track, the garden is in the background, near the wood pile.

Photo 128

Frances, ?, Marsha

Photo 023

Frances Topping with cousin Gary Moody.

Mother at first didn't think she would be holding the horse because she was not very brave around horses. At first mother thought maybe it was Mother came to the conclusion that it had to her because Marcia was about Gary Moody's age.

Photo 142


Photo 024

LR: Ruth Peterson (Topping) married to Lloyd Topping, Floyd's brother. Marie Topping (King) Floyd's daughter playing the guitar.

Mother said that they used to sing in the evening and Marie would play the guitar. .

Photo 025

Same day as photo 26 Keller and Topping children.

bill, buddy keller, ?, Jimmy ***Need to do this over again with mother***

Photo 026

Uncle Frankie Streit (Aunt Evelyn, Floyd's sister married to Frankie) James Streit's dad. Not sure who the kids are. ***Need to do this over again with mother***

Photo 027

Same as photo 026. ***Need to do this over again with mother***

Photo 028

Rear window is cousin June Keller and Betty Keller, Norvel Keller in the driver's seat. Buddy Keller on the right.

Uncle Lloyd Topping and Floyd topping sitting. Not sure who is under the vehicle.

**Need to do this over again with mother***

Photo 110

Floyd working in the welding shop in Wild Rose

Photo 112

LR: Floyd Topping, (? could be uncle Lloyd), August Nero, (?), Uncle Lyman

Photo 029

LF: Aunt Ruth, Uncle Richard King, Aunt Hattie (Hattie Nero's cousin or aunt) Hattie Nero, Uncle Melvin Nero, August Nero, Dorothy Topping. Marcia Topping and Frances Topping are in the front.

Photo 030

Frances Topping.

This was taken at the family farm in the front yard. Mother remembers the bushes behind her. The highway is in the background.

Photo 130

This is Dorothy Topping's confirmation day. This photo was taken in the front yard of the Topping Farm between Wild Rose and Wautoma.

Back Row RL: Irvin Nero Girl, Frances, Dorothy, June Keller, Ronnie Keller, Bill Topping, Betty Keller, Irvin Nero Girl,

Front Row RL: Roger Topping, Larry Topping, Robert Keller, ? Keller.

Photo 031

LR: Marcia, Marie and Frances Topping, The far window is the living living room. The near window is August Nero's bedroom.

Photo 032

Frances Topping and her cousin June Keller. They were almost the same age.

Photo 033

Frances and cousin June Keller. June on the left and June on the right. Mother said that they would have known there was no train because it came at a certain time every day.

Photo 156

Floyd standing on his head. There is a date on the photo that appears to be 1937.

Photo 155

Floyd Topping, note the bird on Floyd's shoulder.

Photo 127

Classroom... Mother and I will identify these later.

Photo 034

Frances and Kristy, a girl she would take care of. Mother can't remember the name. This photo was not taken at the family farm. Mother is not sure where it was taken. The photo is dated 1949.

Photo 035

Dorothy, Marie, Frances, Marsha and William Topping. ***Try and edit this photo to make it less fuzzy.***

Photo 055

This is Dorothy's Confirmation Day.

Back Row LR: Cousin Betty Keller, Ronney Keller, June Keller, Marie, Dorothy, William, Francis Topping, Irvin Nero's two daughters, mother does not remember the names.

Carol Keller (Anita Keller's daughtger) is standing in the middle in front of Dorothy.

Front Row: Emanuel (Buddy) Keller, Larry Topping, Roger Topping, Marcia Topping. ***Need to check with mother to get these names in the right order.***

Photo 056

In the back row, Bill, Dorothy, Marie, Frances Topping, Margie or Margarit)

In the front row, Larry and Roger Topping and Marcia Topping.

Photo 057

August Nero, the horse is either Amos or Andy. This photo was taken at the Topping family farm.

Photo 053

Hattie, Frances and Floyd Topping on Frances' confirmation day. Frances is wearing her new dress.

Photo 054

Frances Topping on her Confirmation Day in front of the home on the family farm.

Photo 058

Mother's confirmation day, Aunt Hattie, Frances, Uncle Henry (Mother believes that Aunt Hattie was a sister to her mother's mother.) The last name is unknown at this time. ***Double check with Mother.***

Photo 059

LR: Uncle Tony and Aunt Irma, Last name unknown. Aunt Hattie and Uncle Henry, last name unknown. Hattie (Nero) and Floyd Topping. Ruth (Peterson) and Lloyd Topping. ***Double check with Mother.***

Photo 060

LR: Aunt Irma, Last name unknown. Hattie Nero (Topping). Aunt Hattie, last name unknown. Ruth Peterson (Topping). ***Double check with Mother.***

Photo 061

LR: Uncle Tony (cousin to Hattie, Aunt Irma's husband), Uncle Henry (husband to Aunt Hattie ? Last name) Floyd Topping and Lloyd Topping. ***Double check with Mother.***

Photo 122

 Written on the back of the photo: "To Dear Hattie. Thought you like it. Mom."

Mother thinks this photo was taken in Milwaukee when Floyd was working. Floyd would come home on weekends. Mother remembers Floyd bringing Christmas presents home. The presents were hid in Grandpa Nero's close with a blanket over them. We weren't supposed to know it. Mother peaked under the first corner on the left. She doesn't remember what she saw.

Photo 062

Frances Topping

Photo 063

Bigfork High School cheerleaders, 1949 and 1950. LR: Jeanie Dunbaugh, Frances Topping, Joan Rajier and Connie Gustafson.

Photo 064

Frances Topping and Jeanie Dunbaugh

Photo 065

Front to Back: Connie Gustafson, Joan Rajier, Frances Topping, Jeanie Dunbaugh and Joan Hoglin. ***Double check with Mother.***

Photo 118


Photo 119


Photo 120


Topping School Photos

Photo 036

Frances Topping

Photo 050

Frances Topping

Photo 049

Frances Topping

Photo 037

Frances Topping

Photo 038

Frances Topping

Photo 039

Frances Topping

Photo 040

Frances Topping. "Lots of Love Frances" written on the photo in mother's handwriting.

Photo 041

Frances Topping

Photo 043

Marie Topping's graduation photo.

Photo 044

Marie Topping's graduation photo. "Love Marie" written on the photo.

Photo 045

Marie Topping

Photo 046

Dorothy Topping's graduation photo. "Love, Dot" written on the photo.

Photo 047

Dorothy Topping, a school photo a few years earlier.

Photo 051

William "Bill" Topping. Signed "Love Bill"

Photo 052

Marcia Topping


Photo 170

On the left is Irvin Peterson. I am not sure yet who is seated in front of Irvin.

On the right is Lloyd Topping. Seated in front of Lloyd is Ruth Peterson.

Ruth and Irvin are sister and brother.

Erickson-Topping-Nero Photos

Photo 066

Allen Erickson and Frances Topping

Photo 071

This is Allen Erickson and Frances Topping's first home after they were married. It was located on their 320 acre farm, a half mile east of the Erickson Homestead on County Road 42.

The taller portion of the house is an old grainery where they lived initially.

They then added kitchen. Behind the larger portion of the house is in an old brooder house that was added. This became their bedroom. They then used the main portion of the house as a living room and an area for the crib.

Mother had a gas stove. The kitchen counter and sink were below the two windows. The kitchen table was in the middle of the room. After a while they got a refridgerator. There was no running water. The cream can on the step is for hauling water.


The dog in the picture is "Booties".


Photo 72 and 73


Mother said that this was the only professional photo of any of the their children. She didn't know why I had something in my hand. She thinks maybe it helped get a smile.

Photo 075

Allen Erickson and Francis Topping, Dennis, David, Dean and Patricia Erickson.

This was taken after our family moved on the homestead.

Photo 077

Dennis, David, Dean and Patricia Erickson

Photo 074

This is a four generation picture. Floyd Topping, Frankie Oliphant, Frances Erickson (Topping) and David Erickson. Mother said that she was Frankie's pet.

Photo 076

Mother and I struggled with this picture. ***We need to discuss this again.***

Photo 078

Dennis, David, Dean and Patricia Erickson. This was taken in the home on the homestead. The tree is in the living room near the front door. Patricia always had a doll.

Photo 068

Frances Erickson and Suzanne Johnson (Vernie & Viola Johnson's oldest daughter). Mother is not sure why she would have made the cake given Viola's baking skills. Mother just couldn't remember the circumstances surrounding this.

Photo 069

Francis Erickson with Harvey and Dorothy's daughter Margaret. Mother doesn't know where this photo was taken.

Photo 070

Big Fork, MN Hosiptal

This is where David, Dean, Dennis and Patricia Erickson were born. The Bigfork school was located to the right of the hospital. Mother used to walk from the school, across this bridge, to the Bigfork main street.

It would be interesting to learn exactly when this bridge was raised.

Photo 087

David, Dean, Dennis and Patricia Erickson

Dave:While living on the Erickson Homestad, Allen Erickson would cut pulpwood during the winter months for extra income. Tom Evenson would loan Allen his pulp truck to haul the pulp to Big Falls, MN. Oftentimes I would ride with dad to Big Falls. Once the pulp was unloaded at the landing, we would go into the scale office and pick up the receipt. Dad would always buy each of us a candy bar.

Photo 083

Frances Topping, Floyd Topping

Dean, Dennis and David Erickson

Dave is holding Suzie and Dean is holding Sandy. Not sure yet who Dennis is holding.

Photo 084

Floyd Topping

David, Dean, Dennis, Patricia Erickson


To Do Photos

Photo 124

Hattie Nero is the person in the middle three children on the left. Mother does not know who the rest of these folks are.

Photo 125

Anita King (Storley) and Mary Joy Storley.

This photo needs to be re-scanned.

Photo 042

This is the church in Wild Rose where Frances Topping was confirmed. This church still stands.

Photo 048

Marie Topping in front of the home on the family farm. Mother remembers when they got new siding on the house. ***Need to go over this with mother again to see if we can figure out when this photo was taken .***