Summer 2015 Trip, Las Vegas to Minnesota

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I plan to leave Las Vegas on the afternoon of July 29th. I will be be traveling to MN to attend a family get-together on August 1st. After a few days in MN, head west through Montana and then on to Oregon, Washington and south along the west coast and back to Las Vegas. I hope to add a few photos along the way. You may need to refresh your browser to load recently added photos.
Day 1 - Las Vegas to Rifle, CO
Day 2 - Rifle, CO to Brooking, SD
Day 3 - Brookings, SD to Appleton, MN. Visited with Dave Bonk and several other friends.
Day 3 - Appleton, MN to Garrison, MN, Pine Lake, brother Dennis' cabin,.

After supper brother Dennis took us for a pontoon ride. These are my grandchilden Shawn and Kylie.

Day 4 - Family get-together

Hattie and Kenna

Lana & Shawn
Louie & Guss
Dennis, Dave, Patty & Dean, brothers and sister  
Brian, Steve & Greg
Day 5 - Garrison to Grand Rapids and Effie, MN
Stopped in Grand Rapids to visit cousin Darrel and his folks.
Day 6 - Brady & Ann's
Henrick, Scarlet, Christina, & Audrey
Scarlet & Henrick
Audrey & Henrick
Esme & Mom

Day 11- Kandiyohi County Fair Tractor Pull

Cousins Bob, Larry and Donny
Day 14 - Libby Dam Built in 1960
Day 15 - Mount Rainier
Day 16 - Mount Saint Helens

This is not Mount Saint Helens. You might be asking yourself why this is significant. There are about 400 steps from the parking lot to the top of this mountain. I made it to the top. More importantly, this is the best vantage see Mount Saint Helens and almost all of Spirit Lake which took the brunt of the eruption..