Summer of Woodstock
Santa Rosa, California

Visit the 76 Santa Rosa Woodstocks

In and Around Santa Rosa

Photos by Dave Erickson

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It was late afternoon on the first day of our Woodstock hunt in Santa Rosa.  We had found #60 Hand-some Woodstock in the courtyard of a medical office complex.  Woodstock was nicely painted and I was trying to figure out how he got his name when two very friendly young ladies came by and told us that Hand-some Woodstock belonged to their dentist boss.  Before leaving that day, we met Dr. Darin J. Schettler and several of his staff.  They were all very enthusiastic about the Summer of Woodstock project and were already planning next year's statue.  They even had their office window decorated.  Pride in their unique Woodstock came out clearly.

Hand-some Woodstock got his name from many hand prints.  Dr. Schettler's office asked friends and patients who came in over a several day period to trace their hands.  The hand prints were then cut out and used in the design (traced and painted), often disguised as bird feathers.  Dr. Schettler's wife and children's hand prints are on Woodstock's feet.  Each person that participated in the handprint project signed the book that is next to the statue.  These wonderful handprints made a wonderful Woodstock! .... Kay