Ingvard & Berit Osterhus
During our second week in Norway we stayed with Ingvard, Berit
& Kristine. Berit is an elementary school teacher and Ingvard just 
retired as a school administrator.
They live in the small town of Evje. All 
one had to do is walk out their back door to view the beautiful scenery 
that Norway has to offer. Dad reminded Kristine that she sat on his lap 
several years ago when she visited the Minnesota. As you can see, 
Kristine is not too big yet to sit on his lap. Food was still plentiful in 
Evje. Berit & Ingvard made sure of that. Often times we had 
fresh strawberries from Ingvard's strawberry patch. I happened to get a
photo of him picking berries. You will see Berit holding two dolls. The
one on the right was sent to her by my Grandfather, Tom Erickson, in
1946 after his first visit back to Norway since immigrating to the United
States in1910. The wooden bird you will see was made by a Russian
prisoner of war and give to a family member who was also held prisoner
during WW2. Kristine knitted a doily for me to bring home. We will find
a special place for this. We never went to be hungry. As you will see,
Ingvard is bringing out the ice cream. I think that was one of his
favorites too. Ingvard is also the master cloud berry locater and picker. 
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