Erik & Borghild
During the first week in Norway, we stayed at my cousin Erik & Borghilds
apartment in Oslo. Erik is the archivist for the Norwegian Lutheran Mission
at Fjellhaug as well as ministering through out Norway. Borghild is a nurse
at a nursing home. Take special note of the food and place settings. We
never went hungry. Having breakfast with me one morning is Dag Ole, Erik
& Borghild's son. One morning, my Mother was curling her hair while my
Dad is patiently waiting for another big day to start. In one photo Borghild
is holding a bowl of what they call multi-berries or cloud berries. As I under-
stand it, they only grow in Norway and only at certain elevations. They only
bare fruit if the temperature, rain fall, snow cover and other conditions are
just perfect. With these, they make a jam that can be eaten by itself or with
just about any type of food. Borghild and Erik guided us for several days 
around Oslo and places north. Stay tuned for albums of those trips. Click 
on the first photo or any photo to begin viewing the album.