My Visit To Hovda
During my second week in Norway, Ingvard & Berit took my parents
an me to visit Berit's sister. Olav & Anne Mae live at Hovda which 
is a farm on the Island of Fogn off the coast of Stavanger. They raise
sheep and have 1000 laying hens. Olav is a retired teacher. Anne 
Mae cares for the elderly folks living on the island. The only access to
the island with about 300 inhabitants is by ferry. Hovda has a small 
protected bay that leads out to the Norwegian Sea. The water was 
unbelievably warm. Those that didn't swim could sun themselves
on the deck. We enjoyed watching the sheep and horses grazing just
a few yards away. During our stay at Hovda, we were treated to a
wonderful meal of mutton and all the trimmings. Later we had desserts
sandwiches and much more. We were treated to a tour of the island
which was a sight to see. Olav brought out some interesting items
that were found while doing some inland digging on his property. You
will see a vertebrae and rib bone from a whale that had probably been
stranded inland thousands of years ago. You will also see a stone axe
that is many many years old. Near the end of the album, you will see a
couple of group photos, Then a photo of Anne Mae, My dad and Berit,
Anne Mae & Olav and then me and my cousin Kristine.
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