In Minnesota, we sit around and brag about fishing, hunting deer, etc. We are also known to tell a tall tail. On occasion we even tell a white lie when it comes to our favorite fishing and hunting spots. Thinks are different in Norway. The cousins and their in-laws, at every chance, talk about cloudberries. Ingvard, Olav and Egil seemed to be the most obsessed with this berry picking passion. They were busy trying to find out what the other one knew about these berries. I can say that I tasted them several times. They are very good. 

As I understand it, these cloudberries grow in the rural regions of Norway. I think mostly in the mountains. They require a very specific weather pattern. Certain conditions must exist in order for the plant to produce berries. They may have berries one year and not another. It appears that it is a lot of work to find them. 

By the time I left Norway, I was certain that these cloudberries were of National Security Interest. I just knew there was going to be a security debriefing at the airport before I left the country. I had visions of my camera being seized because this photo that I had taken. All went well though. I made it home safe and sound.