Izzy loves to ride.

Izzy and I try and ride at least every other day. It is starting to get a bit warm here so I need to watch the heat. I carry a collapsible water dish with me but she is not too fond of drinking water on the road.

It is difficult when I leave for work in the morning. She stands by the bike, looking up at her seat with those eyes. When it is time for a ride, she sits still for her harness. I was able to find a pair of doggie goggles. She sits and waits for me to put them on also. The problem is that she won't leave them on and paws at them until she gets them off. Oh well, we don't drive that far or fast.

On Saturdays we usually go to the Henderson Harley Davidson for a free burger. On one of the trips, I forgot to bring her leash so I had to keep a pretty close eye on her. I got my burger and sat on a picnic table. Izzy laid down beside me. A short distance away a customer started up his Harley and was about to leave. Izzy jumped up and was intently focused on the Harley as it was about to leave the parking lot. I wasn't thinking and took my plate over to the garbage can a few feet away. When I looked back, Izzy was following the Harley at a full run out of the parking lot. There was no doubt she was ready to go for a ride. I felt a bit like an idiot chasing after her. It was a good lesson for me. I now have a leash that will be stored on the bike at all times.