Rocky Mountain National Park

Niagara Falls - Maid Of The Mist

Buffalo Harley Davidson

Split Rock Lighthouse

Niagara Falls - American Side

Glacier National Park

St. Lawrence River Border Crossing

Niagara Falls - Canadian Side

 Kootenai Falls Park

Noxon, MT

Niagara Falls - Canadian Mall

Effie Rodeo Parade



North Star Stampede

Day 1, 386 miles

I am on the road . My first stop was the Loves Campground at Wells, Nevada.


Day 2, 363 miles

Got up early and headed for Twin Falls, Idaho for an appointment to get my bike serviced. On the way out of town I stopped at the Shoshone Falls just east of Twin Falls.


My next stop was the Craters of the Moon National Park. This was pretty interesting. Mile after mile of black lava rock. You really felt like you were on another planet.


 Night 2

I am now settled in for the night at Salmon, Idaho. Perfect camping weather. Anyone who knows my travel habits knows that I carry everything but the kitchen sink. I can't believe that I didn't bring a flashlight or lantern. It was a bit tricky updating this trip summary by computer screen light.


Day Three, 276 miles

Looking forward to some daylight photography along the Salmon River. The scenery was breath taking from Craters National Park to Salmon. The salmon river runs through a narrow canon. The sun was behind the mountains during yesterdays's stretch so I didn't stop to take pictures.

Night 3

 Settled in at the Glacier Campground ready for Glacier National Park in the morning.


Day 4, 177 Miles

Glacier National Park - Go To The Sun Road - St. Mary Lake - Josephine Lake


Day 5, Libby, Montana 130 Miles

Spent the day with my cousin Don Erickson. More photos will be posted later.


Day 6, Noxon, MT 60 Miles

Just arrvied in Noxon. Will begin my tour of this area tomorrow morning.


Day 7, Noxon Area


Day 8, Travel - Noxon, MT to Miles City, MT 624 Miles

This travel day is dedicated to Tom. Came up on a pretty serious thunderstorm so it was necessary to stop for the night.


Day 9 Travel - Miles City MT to Willmar, MN 628 Miles

Arrived in Willmar, MN. Stayed with Donny and Kathy (Liz's sister). Finally had a Chinese meal that was long over due.


Day 10, Arrived at Coon Rapids, MN 103 Miles

Will spend some time with family and friends.


Day 11

Stopped in Lakeville to visit my sister and her daycare crew.


Then it was on to Northfield, MN to see my 92 year old Aunt Dorothy. I was served homemade sugar cookies and coffee.


If you would like the best coffee in town, you need to acquaint yorself with Dorothy's son David. It was fund going up with two David Erickson in the family. Thank goodness we had  different middle names. Dorothy always referred to me as David Allen and her son as David Martin. Below you can meet David Martin and his grandson James.


Day 12

This evening I spent some time with son Jared's family. It was great to see Kylie who is six and Sean who is more than one.


Day 13 & 14

Visited with Family and Friends in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.


Day 14 & 15 363 Miles

Visited with Gregg, Trudy and Family at Detrilt Lakes, MN. I was able to give Joshua a ride to his wrestling practice. Gregg gave me a tour of the lake area. Then it was back to their home where Trudy had prepared a  nice meal for me and their family. The kids have sure grown up since I last saw them. Photos by Gregg.


Day 15

Then it was on the Grand Rapids to meet up with my Mother and RIch at Marcia & Wayne's and then on to the our farm in Effie, MN as the final destination for the day.


Day 16

Mindi, Jared, Katie, Kylie and Sean attended the Effie North Star Stampeed Rode followed by the Effie Rodeo Parade.





Day 17 143 Miles

Traveled to Duluth, MN, Stayed at a friends lake cabin.


Day 18, 190 Miles

Traveled along the north shore of Lake Superior. Stopped at Split Rock Lighthouse. Crossed into Canada at Grand Portage, MN.


Day 19, 434 Miles

Travel from Thunder Bay, Ontario KOA to Sault Saint Marie, Ontario. Rained the whole way. Very nice ride, saw plenty of the Canadian shore of Lake Superior. With the rain and low clouds,  no photos.


Day 20, 438 Miles

Traveled along the north and east side of Lake Huron. It rained on and off most of the day with heavy cloud cover along the lake. Stopped at Peterborough, Ontario for the night.


Day 21, 250 Miles

Arrived in Syracuse , NY. Here are a couple of pictures from the observation tower on the Canadian side near US Customs.


I had two choices when I set out to find where Di and Bob's work. As luck would have it, my first choice was right. They have a very nice place office, by far larger than I expected. I was given a complete tour which included Bob's "Dollar" collection and their Wall of Fame. After haircuts, I was treated to supper at Kirby's. The ribs were great. Bob and Di shared some ideas to begin my trip west to Niagara Falls. Then it was on to a grand tour of their home and a good nights rest. Bob and Di posed for a photo in his new BMW convertible.


My first stop was at the Bville Diner in Baldsinsville, NY as recommended by Bob and Di. They serve an excellent omlette. Also recommended was my next stop a block from the diner. The famous Erie Canal Lock 24. These two places are less than ten minutes from their home.


Day 22, 161 Miles

I had a nice visit with the lock operator. Lock 24 is the oldest lock on the Canal. There is very little commercial use now. The biggest users now are pleasure craft, kayak'ers, etc. Non-motorized vessels pay nothing to use the canal. One can get a yearly pass for $100. These locks were made by the same company that made the Panama Canal locks.


I then took a leisurely trip west along Lake Ontario oftentimes just a stones throw from the road. I arrived at Niagara Falls over the noon hour.


I first explored the United States side. The setting is a very beautiful park with lots of trees, walking trails and a close-up view of the river and angular views of the falls.

The first thing I did was get on the ferry boat ride on the river. Although very wet, it was a fund ride. You get up close and personal with the falls. The water spray was ublelieveable making it hard to keep the camera lense dry.

American Falls


Horseshoe Falls


Next I walked over  to the Canadian side. The settng there is more of a boulevad overlooking the river and the falls.

American Falls


Horseshoe Falls


Maid of the Mist Ferry. See the link at the top of this page for photo albums as I get them done.


Stayed at a Niagara Falls campground. Nice place.


Day 23, 599 Miles, Bike service and travel day to Morris, IL.


Day 24, 748 Miles, Travel day to Ogallala.


Day 25, 1,051 Miles, Rocky Mountain National Park, travel day to Las Vegas.

See the photo album links at the top of this page for photos as I get them posted.


Day 26, Arrive at home in Vegas.