Las Vegas to Alaska

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May 29, 2010.. Left Las Vegas at 8 AM. Ran into light rain a couple of times. Arrived at Idaho Falls, Idaho about 7 PM behind what looked like a pretty good rain storm. Decided to stop for the night. Distance, 650 miles. Nothing else to report except that we had a very nice ride. Lots of snow in the upper elevations all through Utah and Idaho. Temperature in Vegas was 65 degrees when we left. It is about 40 degrees in Idaho Falls. No photos yet. We hope to make Banff, Alberta, Canada tomorrow evening.

May 30, 2010.. It was a bit chilly as we left Idaho Falls. Today we made it as far as Eureka, Montana, about 150 miles short of Banff. The weather this morning slowed us down a bit. We had to stop at the HD in Kalispell, MT for a minor repair on Tom's bike.  



May 31, 2010.. We left the Silverado Motel Eureka, Montana this morning with light rain. The rain subsided and the rest of the day was very nice.



The weather was cooperative when we started out from Idaho Falls... Leaving Idaho Falls
We then ran into some heavy fog and rain. Here is a short video...
Fog and Rain
Sorry about the physical size of the videos. That is the best I can do on the road.
Once the fog and rain stopped, this is what we were looking at south of Butte, MT

May 31, 2010.. We left the Silverado Motel Eureka, Montana this morning with light rain. The rain subsided and the rest of the day was very nice.

Along the way we saw bear, deer and a couple of bighorn sheep. Harley Davidson didn't put metric on their speedometers so we are using our gps for for speed control. Along the way Tom enjoyed watching me drive in the wrong lane until I realized what I was doing wrong.

We arrived in Banff, Alberta late this afternoon. Along the way we took a few pictures.


We have settled in at the Mount Royal Hotel. We will be here for two nights. Tomorrow we will be touring  the area and head north on Wednesday. Today the temps reached 55 degrees. When the sun goes behind the mountains, it cools rapidly.

June 1, 2010.. We had a very nice day. Took a bus tour from Banff to the ice field. It was a wonderful trip. The temps were perfect all day. Here are a few of the photos.e.


Tomorrow we leave for Prince George, British Columbia.

June 2, 2010.. We arrived in Prince George. A few minutes after we arrived the rain came. As I write, it is pouring. We had a very nice riding day. It was a bit cool going through the ice fields South of Jasper. The rest of the day we enjoyed 55-60 degree temps. Drove through a couple of rain showers.

We saw some bighorn sheep, a bear and a couple of young elk. We have not been on much for four lane roads since entering Canada. We are down to about 60 MPH or less drive time is taking longer than expected. Over the next could of days will try and pick up the pace by driving more hours. We will not be taking BC Hwy 37. We have gotten too many conflicting reports on road conditions. Tomorrow we will head Fort St. John and then up the Alaskan Highway.

No photos today. We may have some video of the critters. Finding it on these video files is quite a task.

June 3, 2010.. The temperature was cool when we left Prince George. Ran into a couple of construction delays.


As we arrived at the Alaskan Highway near Fort St. Johns the weather began to cooperate. We did see a deer, an elk, a black bear and a grizzley bear. About 200 miles east of Fort Nelson the rain began. It didn't let up until we arrived in Fort Nelson. No need for a shower in the morning. Tomorrow it will be either Watson Lake or Whitehorse or somewhere in between.



June 4, 2010.. We left Fort Nelson this morning, skys were clear, a bit cool but very nice.


The first thing we saw on the road was a mother bear and two cubs. By the time I got my camera out they walked off into the ditch. I am pretty sure we have them on video. I need to find that. Try this link


We stopped at Toad River for gas. Several of the gas stops have gone out of business so we need to get gas when we can. So far, we have traveled 3,000 miles.

This is a beautiful road to drive. Several mountain ranges to drive through. This is Muenchow lake, one of many that we have seen.


This is the scene coming into Teslin, Yukon. Just to the right of the far end of the bridge is where we are staying.

Finally a night without rain. Tom is getting his getting his tent ready for the night.

I am trying to get the video files off the camera so we are ready for tomorrow. Today we saw the three bears, a moose, several buffalo.


June 5, 2010 we traveled traveled the road to hell and back. The 80 mile stretch south of Beaver Creek was by far the worst. It was very slow going. My shift linkage came loose so I coasted to a stop next to a drive way. I could see sometype of old building. I had hardly got my motor shut off and here comes a guy down the driveway in a four wheeler. This is Don. He is a retired mechanic who now lives on this road, out in the middle of nowhere. He has one friend next door and I would venture to say that there is no one else living on the that road for 30 miles on each side of him. Anyway, I had nearly all of the right tools to fix it except for a 3/8 nuckle that would have been handy to reach the bold that needed to be tightened. Don came through.. He took off on his four wheeler and came back with a tool box. I was able to get the linkage tightened and was good to go. While we talking, he was admiring my shirt which had a hunting logo on it. He said his neighbor friend would like a shirt like that. I tried to pay him for his trouble. He would not take any money. He wanted to give me the nuckle in case I needed it later so I took the nuckle and gave him my shirt. He was happy.


After a long hard ride, we made it to Beaver Creek. As usual it was raining when it was time to stop for the day. We  found this rustic motel. Two twin beds and a bathroom in about 80 square feet. No tv, no telephone. The advertised highspeed internet. Definately not enough speed to give you an update.


June 6, 2010.. We left Beaver Creek. Eight miles down the road we crossed into Alaska. The quality of the roads was like night and day. We stopped at the Grumpy Grizzley Cafe in Tok, AK for breakfast. A very good place to eat. We had a very nice ridefrom Tok to North Pole, Alaska.


Tom and I had to have out pictures taken with Santa and then vist his house. I think Tom found something for Barb.


We have checked into a motel in Fairbanks. We will visit the Harley Davidson store in the morning. This store is furthest north than any other Harley Davidson store. Later in the day we will head for Denali National Park. Because of the weather we may not be able to see Mt. McKinley.

June 7, 2010.. This morning we had our bikes serviced at the Fairbanks Harley Davidson store. Even though we were the first ones through the door, we didn't get out of there until noon.


We then headed toward Denali National Park. It was a nice drive with rolling hills and mountains. Along the way we found an interesting place to eat.


We picked up a motel room in Healy then drove to the park. We have reservations for a bus ride back to Mt. Mckinley.  The chances of seeing the entire mountain are slim. It has been cloudy with showers and that is how it looks for tomorrow. The trip back to the mountain is about 70 miles and will take all day.


June 8, 2010.. We visited Denali National Park.


This photo is inside the trour staging facility.


Tom and I are ready for the 65 mile, 12 hour round trip to Wonder Lake.


The first criter we saw was a cow moose and her little one.


This is one of the several stops we made every 1.5 hours.


The view was fantastic. We were on a narrow winding road that overlooked the valley.


Another pit stop.


This is the vew point for Mt. Mckinley. The photo in the lower part of the photo is what we would have seen if the cloud cover was not so low.


This is one of the many glaciers that we saw.


I forget the name of this bird. It is some type of partridge.


This is looking across Wonder Lake.


This is typical of the road that we dove one.


This is a group of Dall Sheep. We saw a couple groups of Dall Sheep. They were always a great distance away.


Here is a mother grizzly playing with or nursing her two cubs in the roadway. We watched them for quite some time.


Eventually they walked past the bus and we left.



June 9, 2010.. We stopped at the Denali Harley Davidson in Wasilla.


Later we stopped at the Harley Davidson in Anchorage.e.


Here are a couple of pictures from the stretch of road between Anchorage and Denali.


We arrived at the Best Western in Soldotna, AK on the Kenai Peninsula about 7 PM on June 9th.


June 10, 2010.. Alaska State Hog Rally has begun.


We arrived at the Diamond M Rancy between Soldotna and Kenai this morning about 9 AM.


Heat wave this morning. It was 50 degrees.


I took a few minutes this afternoon to drive down to the ocean just to say I was there.


I learned that there was an old Russian Orthodox Church. You can read about it on Wikipeidia.  


We are headed back to the lower 48. We have been traveling for three days now. Pretty much eating, sleeping and riding. Internet has been pretty much non existant until this evening so any further updates will not take place until Tom and I return home. Here are a few photos from along the way.


Here is a small lake on the Kenai Peninsula between Soldotna and Anchorage.


Tom and I stopped at the border between Canada and Alaska. Note the dark clouds behind me. We had gone through  rain and light hail. Clear skys behing Tom as we entered the Yukon.


We stopped at the Whitehorse Harley Davidson. It was 10 minutes before closing time.

This is Muncho Lake between Watons Lake and Fort Nelson.


This is Toad River, also in the same area..

This is a  memorial for 9 US Service Men who lost their lives moving supplies for the Alaskan Highway across the lake.


We enjoyed at stop at the museum in Dawson Creek, at the start of the Alaskan Highway.


We were about ready to cross the border at Coutts, Alberta when we ran into the tail end of a pretty good thunderstorm. This was our view as we approached the storm. There was beautiful sunset behind us making this rainbow. We will be spending the night in Lethbridge, Alberta. Only showers forecast for tomorrow. We did have 603 miles of nice weather and roads today.