Erickson-Hofstad Photo Collection

Mother (Frances Erickson) and I scanned a collection of photos that she had gathered from Gunhild Erickson. Mother's help was invaluable. She was so helpful in being able to identify, people, places, events, etc. The notes gathered from mother will be added later. Please overlook any spelling or grammar until I have more time to proof. I will be adding the nearly 200 photos as time permits.

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In order to make a good quality print from these images, you should print them on 4" x 6" paper. Using a larger paper size may result in a grainy print. I have numbered each image. If you have any information about these photos that should be added or if you have any questions, please email me at and refer to the "Photo" number.

Erickson (Kjebekk)-Hofstad Family

The Tom Erickson Family & Homestead

Photo 098

Tom (Kjebekk) Erickson, Gunhild (Hofstad) Erickson
Harvey Erickson, Allen Erickson and Edith Erickson (Goodspeed)

This is the original log home on the Erickson Homestead. Tom was formally allowed to homestead on April 26, 1916. Notice of Allowance His claim was formally granted by President Woodrow Wilson on May 22, 1920. Claim Grant

Photo 100

Tom and Gunhild's new home built in 1936.

Photo 004

This is Dewy Peterson. Harvey Erickson is on the right.

A written note on this photo indicates that it was taken in 1947.

There was a log barn in addition to the log home. It is difficult to say for sure if this is the barn or the home.

Photo 005

L: Allen Erickson
R: Harvey Erickson

It is neat that Dad has his arm around the cow.

I believe that Dad and Harvey are standing by the old log barn.

We don't have a good picture of the log barn. I do remember when dad moved the hay shed from his farm to the homestead. I remember watching dad, grandpa and others mixing cement for the corner posts and those along each side. Although I don't specifically remember the log barn, I believe it was raised and pushed down the hill to the east to make room for thee hay shed. The reason I am almost sure of this is because I specifically remember playing on the logs and roof material. I remember an old tom cat that made his home under the remains of the log barn.

Photo 080

Edith and Allen. Can't tell which is which.

In the background is a wood shed and pile of wood.

There is some type of implement to the right of the wood pile. This and photo number 093 shows the enormous amount of wood it took to heat their home.

While living on the homestead, we continued to heat the home with wood. I remember dad would bring hay wagon home piled with wood. I can't remember if Dean and Dennis were big enough to help but it was our job to throw the wood through the basement window on the west side of the house. I remember stacking the wood in the furnace room. Dad kept the furnace going throughout the winter. Occasionally mother and I put wood on the fire.

Photo 079

This is Allen and Edith. Although it is not easy to tell for sure, it appears that this is Gunhild holding the twins.

Photo 078

This is Art and Anna Erickson holding the the twins Edith and Allen.

Photo 085

Allen, Edith, (?) and Gunhild

Photo 084

Allen and Edith, not sure who they are sitting with.

Photo 90

Allen, Edith and Harvey

Not sure yet who the adult and child are yet.

Photo 91

Gunhild, Allen, Edith and Harvey

Photo 94

(?), Gunhild, Allen, Edith

Photo 081

Allen. Both this picture and the next one shows a newer addition to the log cabin.

Photo 82

Tom, LR: Allen and Edith.

Photo 83

LR: Allen and Edith

Photo 107

Edith and Allen

Photo 101

Front Allen and Edith in the middle. Ardean Aakhus in the back Not sure yet who other two are.

Photo 096

Allen and Edith on the right. Not sure yet who we have on the left.

Photo 087

Allen and Edith. Not sure yet who the other four are.

Photo 086

Allen and Edith

Photo 108

Allen and Edith

Photo 093

Allen and Edith. Notice they have their arms around each other. Heating the home.

Photo 114

Harvey and Allen

Photo 105

Family dog. It would be fun to know the name.

Photo 103

Allen and his dog.

Photo 089

Tom, Gunhild, Harvey, Allen and Edith.

Photo 097

Photo 102

Front row, Allen (Second the right) and Edith left.

Photo 109

Edith, back row, third from the right.

Photo 110

Edith (3rd row)and Allen (2nd row), partially hidden, just right of center.

Photo 119

(?) and Allen

Photo 099

Tom, Gunhild, Harvey, Edith and Allen.

Photo 035


Photo 121

Harvey, Edith, Allen, Tom and Gunhild.

Photo 135

Photo 136

Allen, Harvey and Edith

Photo 138

(?) Allen

Photo 137

Edith, Harvey and Allen

Photo 149

Edith and Allen

Photo 140

Edith and Allen

Photo 148

Allen and Harvey

Photo 152

Allen, Edith and (?)

Photo 155

(?) Edith and Allen

Photo 036

Gunhild and Tom

Photo 158

Allen and Edith

Photo 159

Allen, Tom, Gunhild, Harvey and Edith

Photo 160

Edith, Gunhild, Tom and Allen

Photo 161

Edith, Bergit Anderson, Allen and Tom

Photo 133


Photo 132

Photo 134

Photo 153

Photo 154

Photo 150

Photo 151

Photo 123

Back Row: Harvey, Allen and Bill Elstad
Front Row: Joan, Edith, Jean, Gunhild and Edna Peterson

I neeed to make sure I have Joan and Jean identified correctly

Photo 139

Back Row: Harvey and Dewy Peterson
Front Row: Joan, Jean, Edith, and Edna Peterson

I neeed to make sure I have Joan and Jean identified correctly

The Homestead

Photo 112

Allen, Harvey and Edith. Neat that Allen and Edith are each holding a kitten. The haystacks in the background are amazing.

Photo 113

LR: Allen, Not sure yet, Tom and Harvey

Photo 118

This is Allen standing in front of the brooder house which was still in use for storage when our family move to the Twin Cities.

Photo 111

Allen and Harvey. This photo and photo 112 shows the enormous amount of hay that was put up to feed the cattle.

Photo 127

Tom  and I believe Harvey with his team of horses. I don't remember seeing feed bags on horses too often. I think Tom took very good care of his animals. I know dad took very good care of his farm animals.

Photo 128

Another close-up of Tom, his team and the dog.

Photo 125

Tom's turkeys. It appears to be Allen and Harvey standing next to the horse.

Photo 130

Tom's cattle.

Photo 124

This photo was taken from the area near the house looking across the river. You see Tom's cattle grazing near the river. The Halvor Aakhus farm is in the background beyond the river.

Photo 129

Tom is milking one of his cows and making sure the cats have some to drink.

Photo 104

Family dog. It would be fun to know the name.

Photo 106

This is the new home. It appears that the porch is either under construction or being removed.  Note the 100 lb propane cylinder under the kitchen window. This was for the kitchen stove and the water heater. The home had running water that was supplied by a cistern  and electric pump. I need to add my experience with the cistern pump. The well house was about 100 yards east of the house. I don't know if we have a picture of the well house. After mother and dad move into the home, they had mother's dad Floyd drill a well next to the south side of the house at the southeast corner. Comment on the upstairs in the garage.

Photo 162

This is the new home with the front porch removed and new siding. It looks like the awning over the front door and side door has been started. Note the building in the background behind the garage near the trees. I remember playing in the upstairs. For some reason there were a lot of empty tin cans. I remember specifically playing with a syrup can. The ground floor was used as a shelter for dad's sheep. I had the unpleasant task of helping dad remove the lamb's tails. There was another unpleasant task that I won't elaborate on for now.

Photo 037

See photo 162. I need to describe the layout of basement, main floor and upstairs.

Photo 001

I am not sure if this is the barn that dad moved onto the homestead. This barn is very similar. The building next to the barn escapes my memory. In this picture, the grainery should be visible.

I will need to do some more research on this.

The Jacob Hofstad Family

Photo 041

Photo 017

Photo 020

Photo 019

Photo 021

Photo 165

Photo 022

Photo 029

Photo 006

Photo 095

Photo 034

Photo 026

Photo 027

  Photo 024

Photo 025

Photo 028

Tom & Gunhilds Effie Home & Church

Photo 38

Tom and Gunhild's home in Effie.

Photo 163

Tom and Gunhild's home in Effie.

Photo 039

Gunhild and Tom, Friedheim Lutheran Church, Effie, MN.

Photo 072

Gunhild and Tom. This was taken in their home in Effie.

Tom - Military & Friends

Photo 043

Photo 046

Photo 073

Photo 044

Photo 045

Photo 047

Photo 048

Photo 049

Photo 074

Allen - Military & Friends

Photo 142

Photo 144

Photo 146

Photo 147

Photo 143

Photo 145

Effie Homestead - Deer Hunting

Photo 117

Allen and Harvey. Tom and Gunhild often hosted deer hunters. More on this later.

Photo 015

This is Dad using his "Farmhand" hay loader to move the deer or lift it high enough to hang from a cross beam on the barn. Normally the "Farmhand" was used to move and stack hay.

Photo 016

I don't have a description for this photo yet. Certainly some nice deer.

Photo 002

Bill Elstad

Photo 012

Bill Elstad

Photo 013

Bill Elstad

Photo 011

Allen Erickson on the right. Not sure who the rest are.

Highway 38 - Effie to Bigfork

Photo 010

Continental Divide on Highway 38.

Photo 071

While working for the Minnesota State Highway Department, Tom maintained Highway 38 from Effie to Day Lake. Tom often referred to this as his highway.

Photo 007

Photo 008

Photo 009

Photo 115

On the left is Tom Erickson. On the right is Allen Erickson

The man in the center is unknown at this time.

Photo 116

Left front is Edith, behind Edith I believe is Art & Anna's son Lowel and his wife. Front middle is Gunhild and Allen. I don't know who the names of the two men on the right.

Photo 120

The two people on the left are Art & Anna's son Lowel and his ife. I do not know the next two people. Then it is Edith and Allen. I don't know the man on the right.

Photo 122

The only person I am sure about in this picture is Allen on the right.

Photo 131

This is Tom in the front. I am just guessing but the guy standing may be Holvar Loiland.

Photo 157

This is Jacob Hofstad in the middle. Allen is on the right. I am not sure about man on the left. I would guess that he is on of Allen's cousins from Grand Forks.

Photo 076

Gunhild is on the right. Mother is in the front row, third from the right. I should know at least some of the other women in the photo. I will need to work on that.

Photo 077

This is Frances on the right. The other lady may be Pauline Torgrimson.

Photo 075

I don't know who these kdis are.

Photo 156

This is Allen.

Photo 033

This is Gunhild on the right. I am not sure who the other people are.

Photo 092

This is Harvey, Edith and Allen in the front row. Gunhild is in the back row. I am not sure of the names of the two ladies in back row left.

Photo 088

I believe the two babies in the front are Edith and Allen. I don't know the names of the rest of the kids.

Photo 042

I believe this is Jacob Hofstad and Helga Jorgensen's six children.

Assuming they lined up oldest to youngest, Christine is on the left followed by Gunhild, Margaret, Anna, Turnina and Thomas.

I will double check to make sure I have the names and faces correct.


Photo 051

Erik T. Kjebekk, father of Tom Eickson Kjebekk.

Photo 050

Anne O. Kjebekk, mother of Tom Erickson Kjebekk

Photo 052

This is the Farm Kjebekk near Evje, Norway.Standing next to the home is Erik and Anne Kjebekk.

Photo 056
Circa 1946

Tom visited Norway in 1946. Tom is with his mother Anne. I am not sure who the little one is.

Photo 064
Circa 1946

Pictured are Tom and his mother Anne. I will need to figure out who the rest of the people are.

Photo 063
Circa 1946

Tom and his mother Anne. I will work on the names of the other family membres.

Photo 053
Circa 1946

Tom and his mother Anne. I will work on the names of the other family membres.

Photo 059

Erik and Anna Kjebekk in the front row. I will work on the other names.

Photo 060

Anne Kjebekk

Photo 062

Anne Kjebekk

Photo 065

Anne Kjebekk

Photo 061

I believe this is Sindre, the home were Tom's sister Sigrid Kjebekk lived.

Photo 058
Circa 1946

This is a photo taken during Tom's visit to Norway in 1946. Tom is standing in the center, back row. His mother Anne and Father Eirk are seated in front of him. I will work on getting all the names.

Photo 066

This is the Kjebekk family. Tom's mother Anne is seated at the head of the table. I will need to work on getting all the names.

Photo 067
Circa 1946

This is Tom Erickson with his brother Anders Kjebekk and wife Torborg Rosseland. Seated in front are their daughters Berit and Anne Mae.

Photo 070
Circa 1946

This is Tom Erickson with two of his sisters taken in 1946 when he visited his family in Norway. I believe Sigrid is standing to Tom's right and Karen is standing to Tom's left. I will need to verify this.

Photo 069

Wedding of Targjerd "Berit" Osterhus (Kjebekk) and Ingvard Osterhus.

I belive the bridesmaid is Berit's sister Anne Mae. I am not sure who the groomsman is.

Photo 068

Targjerd "Berit" Osterhus (Kjebekk)