Effie & Bustitown Area
Photos courtesy of Kathy Petron
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 S.G. Erickson & Sons Rig


From left to right - Joseph "J. R." Rahier, his sister Valeria
Rahier Hill wife of Cecil Hill and their father George Rahier Sr.

J. R. Rahier was the father of Jack Rahier a Bigfork school teacher, Douglas "Dud" Rahier, Elwyn Rahier, lost over the Pacific in WWII, Alice Rahier Poor now in Alaska and only one remaining, Beatrice (Mrs. Bill Hastings), Dorothy who served in WWII and died a Dec 2006.

Valeria was mother to Frances, Maurice "Mutt", Grace, Norma Bunes, Art, Avonne Harrington, Evelyn Bemis. (Art, Evelyn and Norma are still living)

George Sr. was father to  Annie Knotts (my grandmother), George Jr. (murdered in 1911), Susie Merrifield, J. F., Arthur, Valaria Hill.

Len Knotts, January 2008

 Lon Powell (David "Hap" Patrow's Grandfather)