Effie & Bustietown Area Of Itasca County
The Erickson Homestead

Fish Stories From The Bigfork River

Everything on this page is the work of many folks from the Effie and Bustietown area who have given me permission to share their work with anyone that might be interested. As time goes on here, I hope to add more of their work. The blue underlined links will allow you to download or open a file containing these works. These files are rather large so depending on your internet connection speed, these may take a while. Once you have them open, you can print them if you like. If you have any trouble let me know. david56er@aol.com

Bill Marshall

Vernie Johnson

John McLeod "Mustachejack" (pdf file) Effie Memories (pdf file)


Len Knotts

Edna (McCorkell) LaFrenier

Earl Carlson


Bob Anderson
Chief Busticoggin (pdf file) Pete Weigant (pdf file)

Earl Lund
Memories of Earl Lund

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Lumber Jack Photo Album (Government Photos)