Chief Busticogan

Bob Anderson of Effie, MN wrote a biography on the life of Chief Busticogan. With 
his permission, I am sharing Bob's work with those that may be interested. The link 
below is a PDF file. Hold your cursor over the link below. Right click on the link and 
you should be given the opportunity to save the file to your hard drive. The file is 
about 2 meg and will take a few minutes to download. You may click on the link and
it will load in your browser. This also will take several minutes depending on your 
internet connection speed. In either case, you will need Acrobat Reader to view this file.

Chief Busticogan By Bob Anderson (pdf file)

I have also obtained several photos of Chief Busticogan courtesy of Kathy Petron, 
owner of the Effie Cafe. If you have any photos to add or have any more information
or corrected information contact .

Busticogan & Gee Wee On The Bigfork River

Ella Stitt Graham, Chief Busticogan, Arthur Stitt
This photo was take at "Stitt's Ranch" logging camp in Section 29, T62N, R23W, 
Carpenter Township or at Busticogan's home site at Section 23, T62N, R25W. This
photo is from the NE Minnesota History Center, UMD Library Duluth. Additional
notation on the back of the photo: "(Deer Creek Res. ?) Reservation 1900-1905"

Chief Bustiecogan And His Wife
Bigfork River Home Site